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erotic bakery

infinity & orgasms

your berkeley angel
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42, a perfect circle, acting, alliteration, being random, bellatrix/tonks, bitching, bizarre dreams, black and white photos, boots, bothering former teachers, bracelets, broadway, brokeback mountain, bulletin boards, catching frogs, cats, chai, close friends, clouds, cold weather, cooking, derelict buildings, doodling, drama, drama club, dried mangos, driving, earrings, edgar allen poe, elegant hands, elliott smith, elves, fanfiction, flickr, fog, ginger, good guests, greek mythology, guitar, hand-squeezed lemonade, handwriting, harold and maude, harry potter, harry/draco, hats, history, hotel samples, human contact, incubus, insanity, jack sparrow, johnny depp, journalism, key lime pie, latin, laughter, law & order, leather jackets, lengthy correspondence, letters, life, lightning, little miss sunshine, london, long conversations, long phone calls, long showers, lord of the rings, man hugs, maple syrup, massages, monologues, monty python, museum giftshops, music, my camera, my car, names, new england, new york city, newspaper clippings, nonsensical conversations, odds & ends, old books, old photos, old postcards, parallel structure, photo albums, photography, photojournalism, pirates of the caribbean, poetry, politics, postcards, procrastination, radiohead, rain, rambling on, remus/sirius, roadtrips, rock in general, roman ruins, sarcasm, satire, scaring underclassmen, sexuality, shakespeare, shoebox, short stories, singing, skinny dipping, slash, sleep, snail mail, snow, soundtracks, spontaneity, stolen kisses, sugar, summer vacation, sunsets, tea, that look, the angels, the beach, the change in seasons, the closer, the color green, the long way, the red sox, the scenic route, the scent of jasmine, the smell of fall, the space between us, theatre, ticket stubs, toe socks, travel, truth or dare, understatement, unexpected mail, v for vendetta, warm blankets, zoning out